Facilities Stores

Stores is in room 1019 of the Physical Resources Building and operates Monday to Friday, 7:00am – 3:30PM.

Facilities Stores inventories over 4,000 parts in their Central Storeroom and dispenses fuel to university vehicles.

Stores supports all campuses and Facilities activities, including Facilities Maintenance for building repairs, CUB staff for utility functions, Grounds, Custodial, and Housing Services.  Stores procures building materials, cleaning supplies, uniforms, and many other items efficiently, accountably and knowledgeably.


Abrasives, Electrical, Hardware, Building Supplies, Paints, Protective Clothing, Mechanical, Lubricants, Plumbing, Garbage Bags, Custodial and Housekeeping Supplies, Packing Boxes and Tapes.

We also order non-stock items for all campuses and other non Facilities Services departments when requested.


  • Our friendly and knowledgeable staff field enquires and provide advice on obtaining parts and supplies not readily available from the stockroom.
  • Maintain Central Storeroom Inventory
  • Receive supplies and coordinate shipments to various buildings across all campuses.
  • Facilitate uniform sizing and purchases for Facilities staff (Maintenance, Grounds, Custodial, Housing, CUB) based on specifications determined by the client
  • Monitor and maintain the Computrol Fuel Dispensing System for fuelling University Fleet