Custodial Services

Return to campus

Custodial services is committed to serving the needs of our community members as they return to campus. Dedicated to maintaining a high standard of service, we have implemented additional protocols to ensure the health and safety of our community.

  • Common areas on campus are being deep cleaned and sanitized as each unit returns to campus.
  • Classrooms are sanitized based on the return plans and those classrooms not being used, will remain secured closed with no access
  • Common touchpoints such as door handles, elevator buttons, stair rails, etc. are cleaned daily and under enhanced cleaning protocols
  • Custodial staff do not share equipment and tools; all equipment and tools are disinfected after every use
  • The safety and well-being of our community members our top priorities. To help ensure we keep you safe, we are using heavy equipment to deep clean the floors; we are using:
    • Automatic battery-operated Ride-on floor cleaning machines (12)
    • Ride-on floor machines with misting technology
    • Robotic floor cleaning equipment in the central core floor areas for ongoing sanitizing
    • Electrostatic disinfecting machines (2)
    • Automatic misting machines (2)
    • Hand pump cylinders for misting the floors (12)
    • Walk- behind machines to ensure floors in public areas and small spaces are continuously sanitized (12)

York University is a driving force for positive change and for making things right for our communities, our planet, and our future. Committed to environmental sustainability, the products used by our Custodial staff are safe for the environment. The standard cleaning disinfecting product used is the environmentally friendly ED (Vert-2-Go Everyday Disinfectant).  This product is proven effective in killing 99.99% of bacteria fungi and viruses, including COVID-19, when diluted for use as a disinfectant. It is DIN (Drug Identification Number) registered. Environment Canada has tested and verified that this disinfectant is safe and effective. It can be effectively applied through a variety of different methods such as microfiber cloths and electrostatic sprayers, misting pump equipment.

View the Custodial Services Tasks &  Frequency Summaries

Our Services

Custodial Services is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and attractiveness of all interior areas of the campus' academic and administrative buildings. Custodial services operate on a 24 hour basis on various shifts, starting on Sunday night at 11 p.m. and ending on midnight Friday. Custodial services consist of both routine cleaning tasks and special projects. For any after hour emergencies (floods, major spills, etc.), contact Security Services and our On-Call Management Team will address.

Our Mission Statement & Our Team

We are dedicated trained professionals who are committed to providing quality, efficient and environmentally sound services to the York U Community by working together as a team.

Custodial Management Information September 2020

Regular Services

  • Cleaning of Drinking Fountains and Hydration Stations daily or as required.
  • Recyclables/Waste Management. To allow for improved recycle and waste management and service efficiency we are requesting our Community to deposit waste paper ONLY into your office blue bin and empty into a communal paper bin and that you deposit organic waste from food consumption into your kitchenette waste receptacle or an external food digester. Other recyclables (plastic water bottles, pop cans) may be deposited into a local recyclable bin found throughout each building.
  • Chalk /eraser supply: We replace chalk and erasers as required.
  • Configure/re-configure classroom/seminar room furniture.
  • Lock and unlock specific locations at the beginning and end of the shift in conjunction with Security.
  • Patrol public areas for spill cleanup etc.
  • Lamp replacement to a height of three metres only – submit requests to the Facilities Services Work Control Centre -
  • Emergency Non hazardous cleanup, flooding etc.
  • Poster removal as per the University Postering (Guideline)
  • Replenish main floor washroom supplies
  • Supply and maintain building entrance walk-off matting.
  • Carpet cleaning: Carpeted surfaces in classrooms and common areas are hot water extracted once per year. Where possible we will give notice to the area as to when the extraction work will take place.
  • Custodial Services Task & Frequency Guide (pdf)

Special Services (requested by users)

The following services are available at the cost of supplying the service and may be initiated by a Facilities Services - Service Request (click on the Button on the right).

  • Interior glass cleaning
  • Exterior glass cleaning
  • High frequency carpet maintenance
  • Shampoo upholstered furniture
  • Special events assistance / table & chair set-ups
  • Restricted area cleaning
  • Wall washing
  • Weekend Custodial Services

Requests for weekend cleaning and/or any other special cleaning service requirements should be requested at a minimum of two weeks prior to the day the services are required via the Facilities Services - Service Request procedure.

Special Events, Functions, Room Set-Ups & Folding Tables/Chairs

If your faculty/department requires additional custodial services during and/or after a function or event, or should you wish to supplement your custodial services in any way, we are always available to help.

For functions, events, room set-ups and folding table & chair requests, please submit a Facilities Services - Service Request through the MAXIMO on-line system (click on the Button on the right).

On the Service Request, state specific requirements such as time, date, location and required services. We will provide the services at the rates quoted below.

As per folding table and chairs requests, please note Custodial Service can only supply a maximum of twelve (12) folding tables & chairs per event and location.

(Link to Folding Tables and Chairs set-up / supply cost matrix PDF.)- Under Construction

Our Rates

Facilities Services, Custodial Services recovers costs of all additional services through an hourly charge to the requesting faculty/department through the submission of a Facilities Services - Service Request. The following hourly rates have been established for Custodial Services for current fiscal year:

Custodial Services during normal operating hours      $34.25/hour
Custodial Services after hours & on Saturdays     $51.37/hour
Custodial Services on Statutory Holidays     $68.50/hour

These hourly rates represent wages, benefits and overhead costs incurred by Custodial Services and are adjusted as required to reflect changes in the internal costs for the delivery of services and products /supplies used. Should the function being covered by Custodial Services necessitate the supply of an extraordinary amount of washroom consumables and/or other supplies, they will be charged back to the Service Request.

Overtime rates apply to any services provided outside a normal defined shift or on an emergency basis after regular shift hours.  Efforts are made to notify the client in advance of emergency overtime requirements.

 (Please note: an emergency call-in outside the normal shift hours is subject to a 3 hour minimal charge. Based on the emergency, additional staff may be called in.)

Ongoing Enriched Services

The Custodial Services unit is funded to provide a specific level of cleaning services to all faculties and departments at York University. If you would like more information about our cleaning frequencies, please view our Custodial Services Task & Frequency Guide (pdf).  (Please note frequencies may be further altered due to unscheduled staff absences of which are not funded.)

For services over and above the posted frequency levels please submit a Facilities Services - Service Request.

Custodial Services unit can provide any level of service that your faculty or department requires. To inquire about supplementary custodial services please call Joseph Sanguedolce (Manager, Custodial Services) directly at 416-736-5856 or email to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, and to receive a quotation for services.

Our staff are instructed not to open secured doors such as offices, conference rooms, labs, storage rooms, electrical/mechanical rooms.

If access is required, please contact the York University Security Services at extension 33333.

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