Grounds, Fleet and Waste

Grounds maintaining our campuses

Grounds, Fleet and Waste Management is responsible for grounds maintenance, road and side walk maintenance, snow removal, fleet management, pest management, waste management including recycling, composting and waste reduction initiatives, and other community services such as furniture moves.

Our sustainable initiatives include

  • 2018-19, York's waste diversion rate was 70.73%, one of the highest rates for post-secondary institutions in Ontario
  • 3,597,710 kg of waste was recycled


Grounds is responsible for maintaining York University’s Keele campus, located in the Black Creek watershed, and the historic Glendon campus. The site is comprised of 185 hectares of land, including 245 gardens (annuals/perennials/shrubs), approximately 28 kilometers of walking paths, and approximately 13 kilometers of roadway.

  • Learn more about Snow Removal
  • Learn more about Furniture Moves
  • For general information or to report a pest management issue, access our Pest Management page
  • Landscaping:
    • The natural beauty of the campus is complimented by increasingly using xeriscaping, planting primarily native species that are suited to the local climate.
    • Visit our Grounds Showcase to see some of York’s many urban-natural landscapes.
  • Urban Forest:
    • York’s Keele and Glendon campuses both contain impressive historical woodlots. The Glendon forest is located within a designated historic site protected by the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TCRA), and the Keele woodlots are protected by the University. Both woodlots are being enhanced by ongoing reforestation with native trees and shrubs.
    • You can contribute to our growing urban forest by planting a Commemorative Tree.
    • Currently, York has largely focused it’s urban forestry efforts on the Arboretum (the area surrounding Stong Pond)
    • Learn about  the value of the Keele Campus Urban Forest by reading the report by the Institute for Research and Innovation on Sustainability.


Fleet manages and maintains approximately 60 vehicles, including 7 electric golf carts, which serve diverse functions at York University. All vehicles adhere to City of Toronto idling bylaw.

Waste Management

York University offers a comprehensive waste management program. Learn more about our Waste Management Program.  York University's waste diversion in 2010 was 64.14% and it has increased to 67.16% in 2017.